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My personal journey from sickness to health

I had very poor health as a child which rapidly declined after I was vaccinated against smallpox at the age of 18 months. My reaction was to develop severe eczema which was treated with the usual topical applications including cortisone cream. As often happens when skin symptoms are suppressed  I then developed asthma, hay fever and various allergies.


When I was 18, after nearly dying of an asthma attack, I decided to take responsibility for my own health and began my research for more natural and non-suppressive ways of healing. This led me to realise the importance of a healthy diet of fresh organic non-processed foods.


Although I improved tremendously from changing my diet and having acupuncture, it was only after having homeopathic treatment that I was completely cured. This inspired me to study natural medicine and later to become a practitioner of homeopathy.

Oriental Medicine

I have always had an interest in oriental philosophy and so it was natural that my first love was Oriental Medicine and in 1974 I graduated as a Bachelor of Acupuncture at The College of Oriental Medicine in Gerrard's Cross, Bucks, England. Later I taught acupuncture at the College of Oriental Medicine for several years. My background in Oriental Medicine has provided me with a solid philosophical foundation to understand health & disease and has greatly influenced my homeopathic practice.


I studied osteopathy at The College of Osteopathy in Cheltenham and obtained a diploma in osteopathy. I was awarded the Dean's prize for the most outstanding student. (1976)


In 1975 I discovered homeopathy and realised that this was my true passion.


I began studies in homoeopathy at The College of Homoeopathy, Regents Park, London. Later I became a teacher there and at many other colleges around the country.

I have been privileged to study with many well known and talented homeopaths including the Greek homoeopaths George Vithoulkas and Vasilis Ghegas; the Israeli homoeopath Joseph Reves; the Dutch homoeopath, Jan Scholten and various Indian Homoeopaths including Rajan Sankaran of Bombay.


       During the past 35 years I have taught Homeopathic Philosophy and Materia Medica for: 

  • The School of Homoeopathy, Stroud

  • The Welsh School of Homeopathy, Carmarthen 

  • The North West College of Homoeopathy, Manchester

  • The College of Homoeopathy, Regent's Park, London

  • The Tiverton School of Homoeopathy, North Devon

  • The Purton House School of Homoeopathy, Buckinghamshire

  • The London College of Classical Homoeopathy, South London

  • The College of Homoeopathy, Edinburgh

In 1993 I was awarded a Fellowship of the Society of Homoeopaths for services to homoeopathic education.

I have published articles for The Homoeopath, and I am currently writing a book on homoeopathic philosophy and practice.

In recent years I have devoted more time to post graduate training so that I can pass on my many years of experience.

Homeopathic Practice

My background in Oriental Medicine has provided me with a solid philosophical foundation to understand health & disease and has greatly influenced my homeopathic practice.

Over the last 40 years I have run busy practices in various parts of England.


My practice is at:

The Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine

7 Newcourt Street

St John’s Wood

London NW8 7AA.


Telephone: 0207 722 3939

I now offer consultations on Zoom
Contact me by email:
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